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Mom and Dad at Sea World
Mom and Dad at Sea World

Team Boyle

We lost my dad, Jim Boyle, to brain cancer over three years ago. Sometimes it seems like he has been gone every bit of those three years, and sometimes it still takes me by surprise that he is gone. It is terrible either way.

I think as a family we are doing better. Memories can be joyful and not crippling. I can look at pictures of my dad without crying. We can tell stories about him and laugh. And even though we are able to do these things, the pain never goes away. Ever.

This summer we took our long awaited trip to Italy to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. It was truly a magical trip, and every single part of it was beautiful and inspiring. But of course we missed my dad the entire time. How could we not? Even though we could feel his energy and we knew that he was with us somehow in his way, we could not help but wish that he had been with us, sitting and laughing by our side. I can picture my dad in Italy with all of us, giving the biggest bear hugs, knowing every historical detail about the sites we were visiting, drinking lots of Italian coffee and red wine, jogging through the streets of Rome in the morning and taking the most beautiful pictures you would ever see. My dad loved Italy and being there helped to remind me how much he cherished life.

I want to continue to spread his joy and his love of life.

I am hoping that a cure for brain cancer can be found in my lifetime. And in order to accomplish this, we need to spread awareness of the fight against brain cancer. Please consider joining my family and me at the 4th annual KSAT 12 / Head for the Cure 5K in San Antonio this September 23rd. We are hoping for 2,000 participants this year and I am not lying when I tell you that this is going to be one amazing event!!

One last note. I say this to myself often when I am feeling tired or not up to the challenge: If my dad could have brain cancer and fight like he did then I can certainly [fill in the blank]. I do not want others to have to lose loved ones to this disease. Right now there is not a lot of hope to be had when one is diagnosed with brain cancer and we want to make it so that there is.

Please join us on September 23rd in San Antonio or donate to my Team Boyle page to support the cause. It truly means the world to my family and me. Thank you, as always, for your love, care and support.

Love, Erin B. Dempsey

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