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Cristina, Araceli, & Bettina Celeste Trejo
Cristina, Araceli, & Bettina Celeste Trejo

Team Nina

Welcome to the page of Team Nina!

This year Cristina’s family and friends will be participating in Head for the Cure—San Antonio 5k to honor the fighters of brain cancer, including our own fighter, Cristina (Nina) Trejo. On June 26, 2013, Cristina was running when she experienced a seizure causing her to fall and hit her head. When taken to the hospital, they discovered a mass where her head had been cut when she fell (doctors considered it a miracle to find it during that time). In September 2013 Dr. Floyd and his wonderful team were able to remove her tumor and listed it as an astrocytoma grade 2 tumor. Although Nina’s tumor has been removed and she has recovered, she still has MRIs every 3 months with San Antonio's Dr. Brenner to monitor the potential growth of a tumor.

The event, Head for the Cure 5k, is dear to Cristina’s family in hopes of raising money to fund research to put an end to brain cancer! As a family that witnessed our source of laughter and happiness go through such a hard time, we understand the hardship that cancer brings to our loved ones. No family should experience the panic of rushing to the emergency room, the agonizing wait for the doctors to come with answers, or the fear of what the future holds. As a family we pray for a cure to end brain cancer, but in the mean time we continue to celebrate Nina and honor those whom are continuing their fight. Please help us in donating funds to research for a cure so that no daughter, son, sister, brother, wife, husband, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, co-worker, or friend, have to ever go through the battle of brain cancer.

We appreciate your kindness, love, and support you have provided, and continue to provide for our family.

Please keep all those battling with cancer and their families, friends, and doctors in your prayers. 


The Trejo Family (Team Nina)

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